Thursday, 16 June 2011

Belated happy birthday to me!

I celebrated my birthday on Wednesday and had a wonderful evening to my OH and two very good friends.

The meal wasn't up to much but we got offered complimentary desserts (which we all declined) and, with drinks, only ended up costing £30. But the company was great and that is the most important thing.

Got a good craft haul too! Dad has sent me a cheque to buy my Quickutz machine, OH has said I can buy a few bits I am after (box envelope maker and some punches) and my Mum is also going to give me some money.

BF got me loads of crafting bits (Anitas gem wheel, some flower gems, some FF stickers and a HobbyCraft voucher). I went out yesterday and got two sets of FF stamps and some HC glitter glue in different colours.

Got lots of lovely cards too. OH got my a gorgeous Deco card (he knows I love them) which lights up and twinkles. Got some lovely comments in the card from work (and some not so lovely!) and have even more to come!

Will upload some piccies of my new stash soon as well as some card I have made with it x

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