Thursday, 8 September 2011

Blustery Day and giant spiders!

Well it got very windy down in Portsmouth on Tuesday. So windy, the poor tree out the back of my office blew down!

Luckily no property was damaged.

Anyway, on to spiders! Happily (or not so happily) got up for work this morning. Walked into the bathroom and I swear one of Aragogs offspring was sitting in my bath (Aragog is is the giant spider from Harry Potter). Not Aragon as one colleague thought I said. Those screams would have been a whole different type!

Seriously, this spider was HUMONGOUS! It's body was about 2 / 2.5 inches long and it had these great big long legs, about 4 inches long at the front. OH had already left for work so there was just poor old me and Giant Evil Spider in the house and I swear I heard him growling at me. You tell he was a nasty type as he had already been in fight and lost a leg!

Normally a spider in the bath gets a lovely hot shower and flushed down the plughole, followed by a white water rapid ride from the tap being run on full for about 10 minutes to make sure it doesn't climb back up. But there was no way this monster was fitting down that plughole! I had to squeeze myself between the toilet and the sink on the other side of the bathroom to keep away from the evil creature.

Now we all know that normally spiders can't climb out of the bath so I thought I would leave him there for OH to deal with when he got home. So get home from work and go to check on it and it has gone! I really hope he climbed out of the bathroom window. I have checked the bed already to make sure he is not there (but will double check later, you can be sure of that).

And THEN, to add insult to injury, went out to the hall way and his little brother tried to ram raid my foot!. OH was home so it went for a flying lesson out of the front door!


  1. Oh my giddy aunt, I hate spiders!! I honestly wouldnt have trusted that he couldnt get out. Im afraid the yellow pages would have somehow got to the bathroom and landed on him! Or the biggest bowl I had would have been strategically placed over him and there he'd stay until my hubby got home. Ahhhh my skin is crawling just thinking about it!! Lee xx

  2. I hate spiders too and if other half not home get the small hand held hoover and scoop them up with that and then open the back door and out they go unharmed. Alison xxx